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Driveway repairs

Contact North East Paving & Groundworks Ltd in Newcastle upon Tyne to repair your driveway.
We provide driveway repairs, driveway refurbishments, power washing and high quality re-sealing for customers near Gosforth, Seaton Delaval, Benton, Killingworth, Heaton, Morpeth, Newcastle, Jesmond, Ponteland, Cramlington, Wallsend & Hexham.

Driveway area in front of house

Repair your driveway

Driveways are often hardworking spaces that receive a lot of punishment. They need to be extremely durable and easy to maintain. We can help you repair your driveway so it will stay looking good.

Perfectly showcase your home

Your driveway is a major selling point of your home. Parking is becoming increasingly hard to find and to have your own parking space is a huge bonus. However, a neglected or tatty driveway will reduce your home’s kerb appeal, and will eventually become dangerous, due to being slippery or uneven. We can help you repair your driveway to perfectly showcase your home and provide a practical, low maintenance parking space.

black patio paving
cottage house with slate paving

More environmentally friendly

We have the experience to provide a great repair job for your driveway, and to advise you on how to keep your driveway in good repair for longer. You may find it beneficial to install or replace your edging stones, or perhaps you might find it useful to resurface your driveway to make it less slippery or easier to maintain. Repairing your driveway is usually much more environmentally friendly than replacing it, as it uses less materials and energy.

Greater durability 

If you have to replace your driveway, it’s a major investment, and it’s worth considering the long- and short-term costs when deciding on its design and materials. Some materials might cost more in the short term, but will eventually save you money due to their greater durability and lower maintenance and repair costs. We can provide an imprinted concrete service which can look just like stone or brick for a lot less cost. We also do turfing and patio installation.

Driveway and lawn
Driveway in front of house

Do you need your driveway to be repaired?

Contact North East Paving & Groundworks Ltd in Newcastle upon Tyne for advice and guidance.

07368 157946

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